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Protecting Your Rights Against Domestic Violence Accusations

In an effort to minimize the crime of domestic violence, Texas and most other states have enacted difficult criminal procedures and tough penalties against those accused of the crime. While the effort to minimize domestic violence is praiseworthy, the problem is that those accused of domestic violence are often not given a fair shake. If you have been accused of domestic violence, it is critical to work with an experienced lawyer whom you know will fight for you to get the outcome you need.

I am Jeremy Sylestine, and I have been handling all types of criminal law matters for more than 15 years. As a former prosecutor, I handled serious felony assault trials and domestic violence matters for many years. From my office in Austin, Texas, I represent clients throughout the area. At Sylestine Law PLLC, I will fight for you.

What Is Domestic Violence?

In Texas, domestic violence involves violence against family members, household members or current or past dating partners. The crime involves causing bodily injury, threatening with bodily injury or causing physical contact that you knew or should have known the victim would find provocative or offensive. In all these actions, the accused has to have done them intentionally, knowingly or recklessly.

The problem is that most domestic violence defendants experience a sense of being guilty until proven innocent – the exact opposite of how our legal system should function. Perhaps an argument gets heated and a neighbor calls the police. The officer will err on the side of making an arrest rather than leave a family member in a potentially dangerous situation.

Then you are arrested, and your partner or family member files a protective order against you. Now, not only are you are arrested, but you also cannot see your own family, and you haven’t yet had a chance to fight to protect your innocence.

This is where I come in. I will fight to make sure that you get your side of the story out there and that you have a chance to be proven innocent, get your case dismissed or, at least, minimize the damage of a conviction.

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